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The following is a list of some of the services and training that AuditSoft offers.

·       Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Programming:

AuditSoft is a 3rd Party Consultant having the latest Code Composer Studio software (and older versions) and the Spectrum Digital XDS510USB. We have programmed the following DSPs:  TMS320C10, TMS320C20, TMS320C3x, TMS320C40, TMS320C5x, and TMS320C6x. In the past few years we have transitioned to programming to the CC32xx line, TMS432, et al. We have worked with most of CC32xx features, and have integrated SD card and EPD daughter boards.

·       Beaglebone Black Industrial:

AuditSoft supports the Beaglebone Black platform, particularly BBB Industrial. We use Linux Debian and gcc. Our present domain is as a data collector.

·       Requirements Documentation and Review:

Documentation of requirements is facilitated by discovery and documentation methods which yield categorized, verifiable, and traceable requirements. AuditSoft's trained experts can serve as facilitators in the discovery and documentation process. We can support both conventional formal documentation processes, or newer Agile Modeling, using techniques that result in a consensus requirements document. We have worked with IEEE 1012-2012.

  • Static Audits:


AuditSoft may perform weekly automatic static audits using third-party software tailored to a client’s software programming guidelines. Non-invasive weekly reports provide developers and management insight into progress in a project while assuring a base level of quality.


  • Development Auditing:


Often maintainability and other quality issues may be pushed so far down the priority stack as to not occur.  AuditSoft offers non-invasive techniques to evaluate quality of software under development and development processes.  AuditSoft can report on its findings and, if appropriate, make recommendations on how risks may be ameliorated.


  • Design Review:


Once your software development lifecycle has begun, AuditSoft can assist in moderating your Software Design Reviews.  It is likely that we can contribute in identifying improvement opportunities.


  • Verification and Validation:


AuditSoft can assist in writing Acceptance Test Plans, and/or Qualification Test Plans based on your requirements specifications.  If you have mission critical software for which you never performed such, AuditSoft can engineer such tests and identify requirements that are assured by tests.


  • Programming Style and Technique Training:


AuditSoft has a customizable style and technique document which can be tailored for your developers to aid in long-term software maintenance.  AuditSoft's few style and technique requirements are easily justifiable and have little overhead.



  • Quality and Safety Assurance:


AuditSoft can assist in establishment of Software Quality and Safety Assurance not directly addressed above; such as configuration management method, defect handling and corrective action, customer satisfaction assurance, definitions and terms.


We have a long and varied background in many types of software development.  Here are some of our areas of expertise.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Embedded microprocessor systems software development
  • Design verification and debugging
  • Processors and DSPs: Intel, Microchip, Motorola, TI DSPs (TMS320), Samsung, Zilog, and others
  • Military Electronics and Software (Mil Spec 2167A and 498)
  • Operating Systems: DOS, Linux (including Android), QNX, Windows
  • Integrated Development Environments: Texas Instruments Code Composer (CCSv5), QNX Momentics, Visual Studio (2008, 2010, 2012), Embedded Visual, CUDA
  • HL Languages: Ada, BASIC (& VB), C, C++, C#, COBOL, CUDA C, FORTRAN, GPSS/H, HTML, Linux, Java, MIT AppInventor, Pascal, Python, PL/Z, QNX, R, RPG, Scratch, SLX, SQL
  • Assembly Languages for microprocessors, minicomputers, and mainframes
  • Tools: Beyond Compare, Code Composer Studio, Corel Paintshop Pro, FileZilla, LATEX2e, MagicDisc, MATLAB & Simulink (also clones), Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Netbeans, QNX Momentics, Notepad++, Oracle, PyCharm, R Studio, Screencast-O-Matic, SubVersion & TortoiseSVN, TeamViewer, TeraTerm, Visual Studio, VMware, Win32DiskImager, Wireshark
  • Database applications development
  • Handheld applications development including Android, iPaq, Pocket PC, PalmPilot/Palm III
  • Office and Factory Floor Automation
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Image Processing
  • Remittance Processing
  • Page and Document Scanning, Frame Grabbers.
  • Process Control & Process Monitoring
  • Invention development
  • Project Management
  • Technical documentation

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